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The Way To Wade's Heart

Beware! It's kinda mushy in here sometimes.

Roxi Lange
25 June 1973
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I am a 33 year old Minnesotan that can't stand living in Minnesota anymore. I hate the cold winter months here and the only good thing about winter here is when there is a fresh snow fall and the sun is shining on it. It looks like fairy dust has been sprinkled all over the ground with the way that it sparkles.

I like spring in Minnesota because things are just starting to grow and it's starting to warm up. The problem is that it's not warm enough yet though.

I really like summer here because it's nice and warm. I hate being cold. You don't have to dress in thousands of layers to stay warm like you do in the winter around here.

Fall is nice because of the changing leaves if you have a car to go up north where there are more trees. The problem is that I live in the Twin Cities so i don't get to see much of the changing of the leaves. I really wish i did though. Maybe this year I will take a road trip up north before it's too late to see the changing of the leaves but they are already starting to change from what i hear and it's only September.

I'm a poet and singer by nature. Someday I would like to do both professionally but my short term goal is to get into daycare because I love kids. I plan on going back to school for daycare too.

Now for the good stuff. I have met the man of my dreams. His name is Wade Thomas Markham, III. He lives in Bowling Green, KY. I plan on moving to be with him late in 2007 or early 2008. I have to wait until a year after my gastric bypass surgery though, which I'm going in for soon. I get to see him three times this year and i don't know how many next year. Once I move it will be nearly every day. I really love him and he really loves me. He is handicapped but I don't care. I can see past all that to the inner person that he is.

He is a writer like me. But unlike me, he writes novels. I am his editor for now. I correct all of his little english mistakes and spelling errors that Word doesn't pick up on.

I guess that's all the info about me that I have to share for now. Thanks for reading about me. Hope you enjoyed learning about me.